Appeal for Volunteer Editors

As Don and I gently nudge onwards through our seventies, we would like to be able to look round and see our fifteen year old blossom and become as fully developed as we always dreamed it could be!


Don created the site in its original form and has always seen to the technical side of things. He has long believed that is capable of being better designed to be more interactive and to not only reflect the art and culture of the Clyde Valley but to play an active part itself.


Regarding the content, I have been posting practically all the information myself. It’s easy and doesn’t take long to do.


Recently, however, Don and I have been feeling that we’ve just been treading water keeping the site going. And while treading, we’ve been denying the chance to develop. Clearly some freshness and energy are needed!


This is where you could come in. If you believe, as we do, in the importance of art and culture in our community and if you value this website and want to help it to achieve its full potential, then we hope you will consider volunteering to help us by becoming an editor (see details below).


Very briefly, our vision for the site is that we would enlist the help of volunteer editors to seek, collect and post content. Then with me as chief editor we would move forwards together towards seeking charitable status and funding in order to redesign the website and take it into the future.


The first step on this road, then, is for volunteers to come forward. Let’s give the website a chance! Please email me and let me know of your interest or ask any questions.


Thank you.






Details :-


We have chosen to divide art and culture into the following groups:-


  • Art (2D and 3D)

  • Craft

  • Photography

  • Folk/Traditional music

  • Classical Music

  • Jazz

  • Dance

  • Theatre/Drama

  • Writing

  • Film

  • Choral Music


We are looking for volunteer editors who can cover one or more of these groups and who will take responsibility for:-


  • gathering information about people and events throughout the whole of the Clydevalley.

  • posting it onto and keeping it up to date.

  • seeking out new groups etc.

  • coming to occasional meetings to share information and ideas about the future content and direction of the website.


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